Friday, November 24, 2006

Strictly, Reiki & bears.

Well it is Friday again, and that means..............tomorrow is Strictly Come Dancing!! Why is that programme so much fun to watch? I am afraid to say it has got to that point in the show where I have actually voted! I was so worried that my favourites Mark & Karen were going out last week that I picked up the phone. Then I decided to vote for Matt & Lilia too but I dialled the wrong number and voted for Clare & Brendan by mistake!! Aaargh!! So I voted for Matt and then added an extra one for Mark to cancel out Clare! What am I like? It is just great telly!!

I have had differing results with Reiki in the last 2 days. Wednesday evening I sent a half hour distant treatment to My Pwllheli Friend who is suffering with sciatica at the moment. It was the first time he has received Reiki, and had "no discernable change" as he put it. Of course I can't claim to cure sciatica in a single blow, I'd be rich if I could, so I'll send him some more and see if we can make a difference over time. Unfortunately this made me feel a little bit negative, that I hadn't made a difference, however slight, as I have had results in the past. I have only recently trained in Reiki so have only treated a handful of people, but have had positive feedback from these.
So I was a little nervous when my "live" client turned up yesterday for a full hour treatment on the couch. She is a friend but not someone I know that well, and she is not the kind of person to say it was good when she didn't think it was. Anyway, she hopped on the couch and off we went. I felt the heat immediately, which boosted my confidence. I worked down from head to toes, and then asked her to turn over, and worked shoulders to toes again on the back. About half way down her back, her breathing became very steady & calm and I wondered if she had fallen asleep, but wasn't sure as I don't think I could fall asleep with my head wedged in a breathing hole! Anyway, I finished the treatment and afterwards she said that she had drifted off into that half sleep/half awake state. She also said that the treatment was amazing! All in all it was a very positive experience and she is going to come bck for more and recommend me to other people. So my confidence in my abilities has been restored because I really respect her opinion and know she wouldn't give me a load of bull.

Well, now you can get ready for a good old chuckle.........I made my charity hand puppet!! I'm only posting a small pic cos it's slightly embarrassing...... at least I made an effort and it may make some poor needy child smile! (The eyes aren't as crooked as they look!)

I am now soldiering on with my jumper. I have just changed to a new ball so who knows how the colour is going to change now. And then it will be the slippers for the neighbours. I think I'll take those to do in Southampton.


Anonymous said...

Sorry if I made you feel negative, still up for more distance massages though. Cool about your client tho, that's really good news.

Still don't really know how this tagging thing works, so just so you know I've tagged you for a meme.

Nina said...

Is Reiki the sort of thing that works whether you believe it would, or not? I'm sure it helps if the recipient is confident in good results, but this is something I have wondered. Sounds like you're doing well, in any case. Positive Vibes from here for Your Friend, that the sciatica is healing right now. I find Reiki fascinating. :)

Very cute bear, BTW. I like the eyes. I'm sure, from seeing the other work you've done, this bear is nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting