Wednesday, November 29, 2006

10 things, family & James Bond

Please note: This entry was posted on Dec 1st but because I saved a draft on Wed, that is the date on the post!!

Yikes, there goes another week of my life, off into the ether never to be seen again!

First things first. I was tagged by VincentBlackShadow to do a list of Things I Would Never Do, and I think he is getting impatient with me for not doing it yet. I think the etiquette of blogging is that if you are tagged you have to do it, or something. Anyway, I am really struggling to make it funny or interesting so some of these are bog standard, but here goes......

Things I Would Never Do
1. Smoke
2. Take drugs (non-prescription I mean, if I cut out everything I wouldn't be around for long!!)
3. Drink alcohol
4. Cheat on my husband
5. Bungee jump
6. Like Bonnie Langford
7. Eat a live grub of any kind (a la I'm a Celebrity)
8. Eat liver, kidneys or any kind of offal
9. Enjoy ironing
10. Dance again, the way I danced with you-oo-oo!

There you go, Rich. Happy now? (BTW, how's the back?)

Okay, today's pics........... first off a new baby card for a former work colleague of Colin's.

The next two are of various stages in my jumper. The pattern on the front matches the back, it's a bit blurry as I forgot to do the macro thingy on the camera when I took it. And this is the first sleeve which has striped quite nicely.

I just had to blog about this, which Colin overheard in our local Somerfield. There is a guy who works there called Peter and he is the most camp person in the world, think Sean from Corrie and multiply by 10. Anyway, he must have finished his shift and was in the queue behind several people to pay for something, and in a very loud voice he shouted down the line to the cashier "Oh I might have known it was you holding up the queue! And with a lovebite too, how tacky! Is it a lovebite or did you do it with the hoover? Hmm, must have been the hoover, you've got a Dyson haven't you?" Genius!

So I've been doing a bit of Christmas shopping this week. Apart from my step-sister's husband I think I am done for the Southampton lot. Men are sooo hard to buy for.

Talking of Southampton, it's quite exciting really. A bit of background first.................. My father died when I was 20 months old, and after my nan died when I was about 14 I kind of lost touch with that side of the family. Last year when I started doing a bit of a family tree on Genes Reunited, I got in touch with my aunt, and one of my cousins. After a couple of emails that was it, until a few weeks ago my aunt got in touch again, and as we both now have msn messenger we had a bit of a "chat". After a bit I mentioned I was going to be going to Southampton soon, and she said we should meet up. She is visiting from South Wales where she now lives but all her kids are in Southampton. Soooo, the upshot is that I will be meeting her, and an uncle and some of my cousins who I haven't seen in about 25 years and wouldn't know from Adam if I bumped into them on the street. Exciting eh? I'm quite nervous actually, but I think it will be cool.

Going to see Casino Royale tomorrow. Wouldn't normally go to see a James Bond but everyone is raving about it and we are going to go with some friend's who live two doors up, and then have some food afterwards. We watched Enduring Love the other night, which stars Daniel Craig. It was quite good but I don't think I would have liked it if I hadn't read the book, because it wasn't that clear what was going on. And they did that dreadful thing of completely changing the book which is so annoying. Huge chunks were missing and other details were different too. Grrr! It's like the Harry Potter film where they just completely omitted Winky!


Anonymous said...

Huge chinks are missing.....

What like giant Chinese people or something?

Thanks for the list, see wasn't that hard.

donnac1968 said...

Hahahah! I've edited it now, wouldn't want to offend anyone, but it did sound funnier in the original!

Nina said...

First of all, we would definitely go with you to see James Bond--with all the guys in this house, that's a given. Except we're snowed in, so we probably couldn't get out. :(

I like the way the jumper is going! You're knitting very consistently--I've manipulated striping by changing the tightness of my knitting. On purpose--really!

Love your cards--very clean lines.

How extremely cool about your family! You should at least get some good stories out of the visit, LOL!

One more thing--now that we know Rich is happy ;), how is his back? Are you--I mean, is he--able to do any exercises on his own to help? It's always nice to be able to *do* something, isn't it, to help. :)


Anonymous said...

How exciting about meeting your family. I have been doing a bit of research as my Dad doesn't know much about his family - not turned up much yet - although have found a relative of his in Australia.