Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Socks, hat & pump user's group

Today's pics are........

The socks I made from the Opal yarn for my step-sister and niece. They have been sent and received and the report back is that they love them. So job's a good 'un there then. I also sent the little baby slippers to the prospective parents, and those went down well too.

The hat is knitted for my mum to match a scarf I already made and sent to her. It came out slightly small but I think it will be okay. It should have been Bigga yarn but I used Lopi chunky which isn't quite as thick so it came out slightly smaller. I'm thinking now whether I should have used two strands together?
Today's project to be started is a hand puppet to go in shoeboxes which are filled with things for charity to send to kids who don't get much at Christmas in countries like Romania etc. I have a pattern for a bear and a clown so I'll see what happens there. Our knitting group is doing them so I can't really turn up next month without one, especially for charity!
As some of you know I use an insulin pump to control my diabetes. On Monday night there was a pump user's meeting at Liverpool with a talk by the Diabetes Consultant about future developments in treating diabetes. It was quite interesting, discussing inhaled insulin, closed loop feedback insulin pumps, and islet transplants. I also had a chat with a girl who started the pump the same day as me and we have kept in touch. She now has a 14 week old baby and she showed us a very cute photo. Also met a lady called Sally who lives in a village in N. Wales and knows some friend's of ours who live there. We exchanged numbers and emails so I will get in touch with her.
Christmas is hurtling towards us at a rate of knots! I need to get shopping done for the family for when we visit them. I have ideas I just need to get out to the shops. that the kettle on.............?


Anonymous said...

I've done as requested I'm now on messenger, nice socks by the way.

Anonymous said...

How fab are those socks - how clever - I have never attempted to knit socks, although have manged other things!

Nina said...

Wonderful socks--the colours are more concentrated when knit up, than in the hank, aren't they? Oh, and rapid speed knitting, there. You sure you aren't using a machine of some sort? ;)