Thursday, November 16, 2006

Cards for a change

Just for a change, today here are some cards I made for some upcoming birthdays. (Don't panic there is yarn too!)
The teddy with a balloon is a sticker which I put on acetate in a window card. Behind is some yellow vellum which I stamped and embossed with Happy Birthday. This is for a one year old girl.
The Purple teddy with flowers is a stamp coloured in with watercolour pencils with chalk edging and then a strip of purple vellum behind to match and some punched flowers.
And lastly, the same stamp, onto shrink plastic and coloured with watercolour pencils, then shrunk and mounted on a small square of shiny paper.
Need to get on with the Christmas cards now!!!

Well the postman arrived yesterday with my American yarn. Ten balls of this..........

yummy colour eh? It is actually thinner than sock weight slightly, so I think I'm gonna have to make something lacy with it. It is 100% wool and lovely and soft. I was also very naughty and did one of those impulse bids where I was watching something and someone bid on it so i HAD to bid on it. It was only a tenner in the end, incl P&P so that was okay. It was 10 50g balls of DK 75 %wool, 25% mohair in mint. Again I have no idea what I'll do with it but it'll be added to the stash for now. I think that may make a lovely warm scarf actually. I really needed one earlier on when I was out with the dog. I have finished the adult sized Opal socks and have almost finished the first of the smaller size. I'm still getting a hole when I pick up stitches though, so I'll have to darn those after I've finished. The colours are good though........but I'll be glad when they are finished.
I also made a quick start on the front of my jumper and it is striping again. Who knows........

I have another Reiki "victim". A friend of ours who expressed an interest ages ago has finally made an appointment for next Thursday. She has loads of people lined up waiting to see what she thinks of it, and she said I could go to where she works and do a few people there. As its a hospital there will already be a couch so I don't have to lug mine there. I will probably do shorter taster sessions first, maybe 20-30 minutes, then I can get more people trying it out. Apparently they are all stressed to the eyeballs.

I finished the troll book. It was really good but a little bit iffy at times. I think the guy fell in love with the troll in the end, and it could have all got a bit icky, but the book ended. There was one icky bit but you'll have to read it yourself!! Now I have a book by a guy who started the bookring to get opinions on his own book. It seems a bit autobiographical, cos its about a guy who goes off travelling the world for 6 months and that's what the author did. Well I can only try it and give an honest opinion, after all that's what he wants.


Anonymous said...

OOh I see you have been making cards knitting to see.

Anonymous said...

What was the name of the book, the iffy bit are intruiging, not the human troll sex bit obviously, but the other iffy bit

donnac1968 said...

It's kind of releated to that! Scroll down for the name of the book on the day before's post.