Thursday, November 09, 2006

New sock yarn

Just a quick post today to show the new yarn I have. The first one is Opal handpainted sock yarn which I am using for my step-sister and neice's socks. The other one I got today from an ebay seller in the USA. It is also sock weight and handpainted. Unfortunately it is not as soft as I would have hoped but the colours are lovely. I may use this for gloves rather than socks. The Opal colours are a lot brighter, like the colours on an exotic parrot!


Carolyn said...

OOh they look different - is wool much cheaper from the US

donnac1968 said...

Not really, this hank cost £9.00 including the shipping. I am waiting for some from another seller tho' which is 10 50g balls of sock weight for £21.00 including shipping, so that's only £2.10 a ball.