Friday, January 27, 2006

other stuff from today

Well, I met a fellow bookcrosser last Friday, which was quite interesting. We swapped one book each between ourselves and then released a few in the wild. She has had a "catch" from one of hers, but it seems i had a very near miss. The girl whgo picked up her book, actually found mine first but had already read it so left it there. Ah, so near and yet so far.
Last night I left a Terry Pratchett in a bar, while we were watching a tribute band called Crowded Scouse. Unfortunately the sound was pretty bad, couldn't hear the singer very well, so we didn't stay till the end.
Tonight I am having a meal with all my ex work colleagues. I left in November but they are such a good bunch that I get invited to everything still. I even went to 2 free Christmas lunches!" Very generous. I wonder what book I can offload tonight!!!
Last weekend we met our friends' new baby, she was very cute and despite her numerous attempts to have a screaming fit while i was holding her, I managed to keep the dummy in her mouth fairly well and all remained calm.
Well hopefully i will return in a month's time having been most productive on the writing front, rather than just not getting round to blogging. I think the key is to not go onto the internet while I'm at the keyboard so I don't get distracted from my task!
Back in a month!!

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