Tuesday, January 10, 2006

First entry

Oooh, this is all new to me...
Well hi, this is my first post on my first blog, not sure what it will all lead to. The title of my blog kind of indicates I would like big things to happen from here onwards. The purpose of the blog is to get me into the habit of writing regularly, with the goal of getting a children's book written and published in the future. I am just starting out on a fledgling writing career, having recently stopped working full-time. I have an idea, I just need to make it happen. I have a book that will give me an exercise to do every day for 40 days, to stimulate my creativity. Yesterday I did Exercise 1, write for 10 minutes starting with "When I write, I...." Hmmm, what would you come up with?
This won't just be a blog about my attempts to write, how boring would that be? There should be all kinds of random ramblings as time goes on.
My recent discovery has been book crossing. Have a look at www.bookcrossing.com for more info. It is extremely addictive, if you love books and reading. You register books you own on the site and they get a unique tracking number. When you have finished the book and don't want to keep it, you release it in a public place for someone else to find. Hopefully they will log onto the website and leave you a message to say they found your book, what they think of it and where they are sending it next. If you are very lucky you can follow your book's travels all around the world. So, next time you are in a coffee shop, on a bus or train, sitting in the park, keep your eyes peeled, you may find a book "in the wild".
Well I think that's enough for my first attempt, I'm off to complete Exercise 2. Wish me luck!

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