Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sock Wars

I have recently started knitting again after about a 10 year break and am now obsessed with making socks. I am currently on my 5th pair. Last week I discovered Sock Wars http://yarn-monkey.blogspot.com/ and have signed up. I won't be able to start my socks until the 29th Sept tho' so I will already be a week behind and probably "dead" before I even start. But I'm not going to cancel my holiday!

I will now attempt to add some pics of my recent knitting projects.

The little cardi was for a friend's 9 month old and is made with Rowan 4ply Soft in 3 colours. The pattern is from Stitch n Bitch Nation by Debbie Stoller.

The armwarmer is one of a pair, and is from the same book, made with Noro Kureyon No.159.
I will add some pics of my socks when I have them.

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Nina said...

Hello, I'm trying to contact you regarding Sock Wars. Saw your comment on the YM blog, and sent you a PM via the forum site.