Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bookcrossing obsessed!

This has taken over my life! I am constantly checking to see if anyone found my books and somehow I didn't get an email to tell me. I guess the novelty will wear off soon and one day I'll get an email about a book I had totally forgotten about.
As of this morning I have released 6 books "in the wild". A 7th one was sent to a known person who very kindly did leave me a journal entry, and joined as a new bookcrosser themselves. I hope I haven't turned them into an obsessive too!
I wonder if someone has found one of my books and will leave an entry when they have finished reading it, rather than straight away. Of course, more than likely it has been found by someone with no interest in the internet or who just doesn't want to journal it. It's a risk you take in leaving your books behind. It is a bit disheartening though.

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Turner Blog said...

hehe!! Glad u are getting into the swing of things Donna and set up a blog here...


PS... I dont allow any comments on my blog so I dont get the ugly spam!!