Thursday, August 13, 2009

Birthday & subs

So last Saturday was my birthday, yay! Here are my prezzies.......

The book "The Silver Spoon" is brilliant. I've used it everyday since Sunday, mainly making sauces so far but I did make Turkey Stew with Mustard on Tuesday. Tonight I'm going to make bolognese sauce and already I can see it is going to be different to what I usually do to make it. There are no tinned tomatoes or garlic for a start! Interesting!

We went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on Saturday afternoon, which was okay. You couldn't go and see it as a stand alone film though becasue it didn't really end anywhere, I think you need to have seen all the other films or read the books.

Then we went to Nando's for dinner. Never been before. Again it was okay, the chicken burger was very nice but it was a bit fast food-ish for a sit down meal really.

I also had a cheque from my mum which I put towards my new subscription to Yarn Forward magazine. I have every issue right from the start so I thought I may as well subscribe again and save myself the price of two issues a year. My first issue and free gift arrived yesterday.

The free hat pattern is quite nice actually so that will go on my Ravelry queue!

After Colin met Eddie Izzard on Tuesday, he booked us tickets to go and see him in Liverpool in November!


Eskimimi said...

Ooh - a belated happy birthday! Have some virtual cake!

I spy the new Yarn Forward there... I must save my pennies for a subscription - I always end up buying it anyway!

mooncalf said...

hi - Happy Belated Birthday!

I just dropped by to talk about hat blocking. So far I've only ever pursued two options

Beanies = lie them flat
Berets = squeeze a dinner plate inside until dry

But when I read the Cairn hat instructions I noticed Ysolda recommends inflating a balloon to the size of a human head and blocking the hat on it. I probably won't bother because when I put the hat on my head (to wear it) it naturally assumes the right shape anyway but it might be worth looking into...

kathryn said...

Happy birthday last Saturday!

I had the Silver Spoon book for Christmas a year or so ago and in fact haven't used it a lot - almost there's too much in it - so I look forward to seeing your recipe choices from it.