Monday, February 16, 2009


We don't do Valentine's anymore, but on Saturday morning Colin went out early and got my car washed for me, and picked up my yarn from the Post Office, aaaah!
15 balls of Alaska for Amused

I finished these socks for my step-dad on Friday evening. My mum is coming up to visit next weekend so she is going to take them back with her. Hopefully they should fit, as they are just slightly too big for Colin, who is one size smaller than Bill.

Before that though we are going to be celebrating Colin's dad's 90th birthday at the end of the week. 90! Imagine that!


Nina said...

Aww, what a nice guy. :)

You are right, those are manly men socks, and in blue to boot. He will no doubt love them.

Happy 90th to Colin's dad! Woo-hoo!

clarabelle said...

Those socks looks very nice, the Alaska too!

We have had quite a few 90+ year-olds in our family, so here's hoping! It does seem an incredible age though...