Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm not common

I was driving to work yesterday and everywhere I went I saw those little Fiat 500 bubblecars. They have only been out a little while but they appear to be very popular. In my 3 mile journey I saw at least four of them. They look tiny though. In the two and a half months since I've had my car I've only seen 3 others the same and only one the same colour - makes me feel like I have something rare and a little bit special.


I haven't knitted anything in 8 days!!! Tell a lie, I got my mum knitting a scarf while she was here visiting and I did a few rows for her, but apart from that - nothing. The last time I knitted was last Thursday in Ireland but that was one repeat of the pattern on the leg of a pair of Monkeys. I think it is because I am feeling a bit "meh" about the two things I have on the go. I am using a self patterning yarn for the Monkeys and it is not particularly showing the pattern off well. On my Amused I thought I'd be clever with my provisional cast on and now I am almost at the point of separating the arms off, I am worried that when I undo the cast on it will be all wrong. So I am deliberating whether to rip back and start again with a crochet cast on like it says in the pattern.

So everything has come to a grinding halt.

I am waiting on some yarn from ebay which I won and paid for on 15th February and which hasn't turned up yet. I emailed the seller yesterday but haven't had a reply yet but then I checked their neutral feedback and it said that it took ages to arrive. Just a waiting game there then, I hope. When it arrives I'm hoping to make this Drops Jacket with it - mmm, lots of cables.

Sign ups for Sock Wars IV are open if anyone is interested, you have until 1st May to do so. I am not going to participate this time because of the problems I had in Day of the Dead and it is run the same way.

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Anonymous said...

Since you're almost at the point of separating for the arms it might be worth carrying on and seeing if everything goes wrong before frogging. Whatever you decide hope you get out of the 'mehs' soon- they're not good.