Friday, February 13, 2009

Too big for your letterbox

Yesterday I ordered some more Alaska from Scandinavian Knitting Design to make Amused from the winter Knitty. I have chosen colour 04 - a medium grey. They are usually brilliant at next day delivery. Luckily I had to stay home this morning for the plumber to come and fix our loo which decided it didn't want to flush anymore. I was in the house until 11.45 after which the plumber was gone and I left for a couple of hours at work. The yarn hadn't arrived by then. When I got home there was the telltale little red card - "we have taken it back to the sorting office as it was too big to fit through your letterbox" - at 1pm. Grrrr! Now I have to go and collect it!

It'll give me time to finish the step-dad socks though, only one toe to finish.


spritlyknitter said...

I am with you on that it is so annoying when this happen's even more so when you really can't wait to get your hand's on it but still you know where it is now just waiting for you♥

Nina said...

Oh no, waiting is no fun. I like that pattern, Amused.