Thursday, October 02, 2008

October means......


I have joined the ravelry group and also the Through the Loops group where there is a mystery sock thread going on for Socktoberfest. The pattern is a mystery but part of it is released each Wednesday. So far just the cuff has been released (30 rounds) and I have completed 25 rounds so far. I'm not sure whether to do both socks or just do one and then the other after, but if I do this I won't have a finished pair by the end of October which is kind of the point. I think I'll have to start the second one from the other end of the ball.

I am using the Wild Fire Fibres Bambino that I started on the Bayerische socks with. Those got frogged as it was a VERY fiddly pattern and my Addis weren't pointy enough for all the cabling and twisting so the yarn is put to much better use on this mystery sock.

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Sarah said...

Yay for Socktober! No mystery sock for me (sometimes I'm sensible about my knitting ambitions!)but I look forward to seeing yours grow.