Saturday, October 04, 2008

Look at my mirror nails, see them shine!

I hate clothes shopping. I absolutely loathe it. I look at things hanging limply on hangers and my mind says "That'll look awful, that won't suit you, ulgh what on earth is THAT?" So that is where they stay, hanging limply on the hanger rather than me trying it on to find out that it is actually not that bad after all.

I need some work clothes at the moment and also something for a wedding in two weeks. Which meant a dreaded trip to the shops. I got into town at about 10.30 and made a start. I did try a dress on, and nearly couldn't get it off again! It was okay but it was all black, not really suitable for a wedding. The trousers were either too big or too small, and a top I tried was just plain wrong. By 11.45 I was frustrated and fed up (yes it literally only takes that long for me to have had enough). So when I was walking through Browns of Chester and was accosted by a tall dark and handsome Italian Vincent Simone wannabe asking about my nails, and offering amazing solutions to my ridges I thought, "Why not, let him pamper me for 5 minutes".

Now I am not a girly girl which I think is obvious from my loathing of clothes shopping, so I don't do all the primping and preening that some people do. I use a shower gel that is good for my oily skin, I don't use body lotions or fragrances, I occasionally visit the hairdressers and I very rarely do anything with my nails. When they get too long they break off of their own accord and I'll just tidy up the sharp edge at the time. BUT I have always wanted shiny nails. Which of course would mean looking after them and probably wearing clear nail polish which you then have to maintain and reapply etc etc. So I've never had shiny nails.

"Vincent" came to my rescue. "Can I show you something amazing?" he said. "Okay" I said. He proceeded to buff my middle finger nail with a cube with 3 different buffing edges - one of which was made of diamond dust and another of silk - hmm!!. This took less than a minute and then he said "Be prepared to scream when I show you". He showed me. I didn't scream but I was amazed! Look at the dfference......shiny nail vs. ridgey nail.

Of course the buffing thingy doesn't come on its own, oh no. There is a cuticle treatment, a glass nail file and some hand and body lotion in the kit, and has a special price today of £10 off!! "Bugger it", I thought, I haven't spent any money on clothes and I want the rest of my nails to look shiny too, so I bought the kit, but not until "Vincent" (his actual name was Robert) had exfoliated my wrists with dead sea minerals and tried to flog me that aswell - I declined.

I came home with a grand total of zero items of clothing but with a renewed enthuiasm for looking after my nails.


yoel said...

I agree with you on the utter dreary chore that is clothes-shopping. You know you can buy a nail buffer for like $1.50 at the drugstore, right? But it doesn't come with a handsome salesperson to give you a hand massage :)

donnac1968 said...

Hmm, I did wonder about that on the way home, but hey, I treated myself!

Anonymous said...

Get you! You'll be getting shiny shell tips like me next! I'll sort your shopping fear out, don't you worry!