Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Now I really need an idea!

Whoosh! There goes another week! Which is a bit worrying as it is now only 3 and a bit days to NaNoWriMo.

In fact I'm going to have to be very organised on Saturday or I'll come unstuck. I have to write at least 1667 words, get a flu jab and knit like a crazy woman on a pair of socks. I think the flu jab is about 9.30am, so I'll do that first, then get the words done and the socks will be the least of my priorities. I'm not overly bothered about being the fastest knitter, it is just testing out the new Sock Wars system anyway, the real thing doesn't happen until next year.

But before that I need to get the final Mystery sock clue (tomorrow) and finish them. Hopefully it will just be a normal simple toe so I can work on them tomorrow night at knitting club. I have also started a cowl in Noro sock yarn. It is a Good Luck Cowl and I am doing it in the rainbow colourway. I felt that the Noro sock yarn was too rough and scratchy for a pair of socks.

Something quite interesting happened over the weekend. I had a message from a woman on Facebook who claimed to remember me from school. She said she had been in the year above me. I didn't recognise the name at all but messaged back to ask what her name had been back then (in case it was a married name). Well, turns out when she was at school she had a totally different name because................she used to be a boy!!! I'm afraid I still didn't recognise her previous name but did remember a couple of the friends she mentioned. Anyway, how brave to make the decision to change her life completely. She's had the complete op and everything.

Well, on that bombshell, I'll sign off. If I go quiet over the next few weeks it's probably because I'm locked in a darkened room, smoking cheroots and drinking bourbon and trying to be a novelist! Hmmm, we shall see what crawls out at the end of November!

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Nina said...

Donna, you are so funny - you are going to come unstuck AND get a flu jab? ;~)

The Good Luck Cowl is beautiful. I think I just bought the same rainbow colourway in Noro sock yarn. I have heard that the Noro softens up considerably when washed. Now I'm wondering whether to wash it before I start knitting "something" with it.

Of course, I have just added the skein to my clouds of yarn surrounding me in my workspace. I may make it a winter project to make a yarn skein "featherbed". Might get more use out them, the rate I'm (not) going on the proposed projects. :P

Very cool about your new/old acquaintance. I agree, that is a very brave decision all round.