Monday, October 13, 2008

Bag lady

Another spoiler alert: photo of the completed second Mystery Sock Clue (ravelry link) is at the bottom of this post.

My sock bags arrived this morning from stuckinillinois. They are pretty roomy. I have put two balls of sock yarn and two half-made socks on needles and the folded A4 pattern in one of them and it all goes in quite comfortably. These are the 4 I bought.

The dog & cat one is the one I am using, here is the detail. They are all fully reversible too, the inside of this one

has little paw prints inside

I got two with knitting words on the outside

one of which is orange swirls inside and the other has little skulls, and finally the blue and green spotty one is stripey inside. All very cute.

Just before I went on holiday a month ago, I bought Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard. I really like Wendy's blog and had been reading the build up to the release of this book, so when it came out I thought I'd check it out.

Most of the patterns are for top-down garments (yay no seaming!) and each one has a section where you can customise it in ways to suit yourself. There is also a large section on designing a garment from scratch and how to take accurate measurements etc. One little treasure I did find in it was how to do a long-tail provisional cast on which I haven't tried yet but need to know how to do for my next project, so that was a bonus.

Finally, the pic of my Mystery Socks up to Clue 2. This clue took longer than clue 1 but I still made it in plenty of time as Clue 3 is released on Wednesday.

The waistcoat is almost done, but probably won't be finished for knit group tomorrow. It is hard to work on it in the darker evenings and I have been distracted by the socks for the last week or so. It is almost there though. I think this evening i will try that provisional cast-on though and make a start on my Ice Queen or a little cardigan for our friends' new baby, George. I picked up some aran yarn in Ireland that may be suitable for that.


Sarah said...

My lovely bag arrived today too, they are beautifully made aren't they?

Love your mystery socks, that pattern looks amazing.

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Wow you are power knitting those socks! I need to catch up, maybe tonight while watching the debate...

amanda said...

I'm loving seeing all these Mystery socks! Yours look fantastic!