Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Knit Night

Tonight is the first of our Wednesday night knit groups at Borders. It will be interesting to see who comes along and what the numbers are like. We will be boosted by 2 because Becca is bringing her mum and her boyfriend's mum, neither of whom have been before, so at least there will be four of us!!

I have got stuck on my Cherie Amour at the part where you separate for the armholes. I'm sure if I sit down and concentrate I can work it out, but in the meantime I'm finishing the second of my Show Off Stranded Socks. I'm on the foot now so I can take it with me this evening and not have to concentrate too hard.

I've had a look on etsy recently and am tempted by some of the hand-dyed sock yarns on there. I particularly like some of the colours from Wild Fire Fibres. I may have to make a purchase when I get paid!!
(Edit: Aaargh, someone has nipped in and bought the colour I wanted while I was dithering!!! Sob!)

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