Thursday, August 28, 2008

The order of the night - socks!

The temptation was too much for me so I ordered some sock yarn from Wild Fire Fibres this morning. I got this apple green colour in merino/bamboo, and this gorgeous purple in merino/tencel. Can't wait to get them and give them a good squidge! More socks!!

It seems that socks are the project to take to Knitters Within Borders nights. Whenever I take anything else I can't concentrate and end up doing a grand total of about 2 rows. But last night I got quite a bit done on my stranded socks and only have 8 rounds to go before decreasing the toes. And they'll be finished at last. I can't believe I have taken nearly 2 months to make a pair of socks when I was boasting last night that I can whip a pair up in about 48 hours if I'm under pressure (ie in Sock Wars!) Socks seemed to be the order of the night last night with at least 4 pairs on the go from various people, including Becca's mum, although she declared that she felt inadequate as a knitter after seeing everyone's projects and kept her knitting well and truly below table level so we couldn't see it!! I was pleased that we had 12 people there last night, it gives me confidence that going for the second night a month was a good decision.

I bought my copy of Interweave Knits Fall 2008 and am quite taken with this waistcoat, and it's in a yarn that is readily available here if I want to use it, Rowan Scottish Tweed DK. I think it would look great over a long sleeve white T-shirt for work. I'll have a think about colours but the brown is actually quite nice.


Sarah said...

Ooh that yarn is beautiful. You're allowed plenty if you can knit a pair in 48 hours - under pressure it still takes me about a week.

Nina said...

I know about those temptations. Those are lovely colours.

Okay, I just got that, Knitters Within Borders! Good one, Donna. :)

The waistcoat pattern has a nice visual appeal. I like it.