Friday, August 01, 2008

A new post........... on its way, honest. I've been waiting until my Gathered Pullover was finished, which it was last night, so I just have to get a decent photo. My wireless connection has also been a bit hit and miss for some reason.

7 days and counting to 40th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sarah said...

Ooh can't wait to see it :o)

Thanks for the birthday wishes, and I know that 40s will be just as great for you as 30s, hope you'll be celebrating in style :o)

mooncalf said...

I'm twiddling my thumbs patiently. Well, quite patiently.

Better hurry though - it is hard to knit while twiddling!

Nina said...

I can't wait to see the pullover!

You will let us in on the celebration plans, won't you? ;)

Anonymous said...

About time! I've been checking regularly and was just about to send you some abuse to nudge you along!
Becca x

Cinders said...

look foward to seeing your jumper. happy 40th birthday. have a great day.