Friday, March 14, 2008

New knitty is up!

The spring issue of is out. It has probably been out for ages but I only just noticed!!! I think Jaden is very pretty and will be going on my list. And Marjorie. Posey looks fab but I couldn't be bothered with all that fiddling about. These are cute too. Oh dear, my ravelry queue is never going to get knit!

I'll get Colin to take a photo of me wearing the earlight at the weekend. It produced a lot of giggles at the knitting group on Tuesday.


clarabelle said...

Yes, those mitts are cute; and I love Laminaria! Another shawl pattern to add to the pile...

I checked out those earlights after reading your post - they're dead cheap on eBay - it's just that my hubbie would ring for the men in white coats if I wore one!

kathryn said...

Jaden is lovely - so feminine and just right for Spring. of those ear lights is on its way to me. I think they are a great idea.