Thursday, March 13, 2008

Knitters within Borders!

I have just had a comment on my last post from Nina asking how the knitting group went on Tuesday - so I'd better tell you hadn't I?

Well I knew there would definitely be 3 of us, myself, Janet (the other organiser) and a lady from ravelry called Mandy. The start time was 6.30pm so I got there early at about 6.15pm. I wandered down to where the table was set out with about ten chairs and notices saying "reserved for knitting group". There was no-one there at this point so I went over to the magazines and had a look at the new Interweave Knits issue. At 6.25 I wandered back again and there was still no-one there but there was a girl looking at the knitting books and she had a bag with her that could have contained some knitting. I went to Starbucks and got a coffee and took it back to the table.

I'd just sat down when Janet arrived and then it happened..........the knitters came out of the woodwork!! They must have all been lurking behind the fixtures in the shop waiting for someone to sit down first. The girl I'd seen (Becca) came over and then another 10 knitters making a total of 13 of us. There were even 3 generations of one family. A member of staff came and said that she had hoped to come but that she was working but would join us next month.

There was a range of ages, the average probably being mid-40s, the oldest probably 80 and the youngest about 10. Everyone was making something different, and there were a range of yarns too. We had a couple of beginners and some very experienced so a great range of knitters really. I gave Becca a sort of lesson in casting on for socks and also helped her start a swatch for a lacy top she wants to knit. I need to get a simple sock pattern to her because the one she had assumed you had some knowledge of sock knitting. I think the basic Opal sock pattern would be best for her to start on.

I took my Zokni socks to work on but ended up only doing 5 rounds in 2 hours because of the chatting! I am really pleased at how it went though, and am looking forward to next month. For anyone interested, it is on Tuesday 8th April @ 6.30pm. I wonder how many there will be next month. I'll see if anyone minds me taking a photo so you can see all our happy, smiling, knitting faces!


woolydoodles said...

I'm so pleased it went well. I was gutted I couldnt make it over....maybe next month if my days are sorted at work(fingerscrossed).
Take lots of care
Love to you both
Mel x

Nina said...

How very cool! I love hearing how successful your night was. :)

Hey, maybe a webcam hookup for those of us who would otherwise have to drive a couple...hours? ;)

Mandy said...

It really was great fun to meet so many other knitters. I am definistely coming back next month. Thanks so much for organising this.

dreamcatcher said...

Hurrah glad to hear it went so well, that's a fantastic turnout!