Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hog Roast

Not a lot going on here at the moment apart from the agonising decision of whether The Gorgeous One stays or not. We have been making enquiries.

On Easter Saturday we went to the Chester Food & Drink Festival. It is on every Easter and is great, you get to taste all kinds of local produce, cheeses, breads, relishes and pickles etc. The wallet doesn't half take a bashing though. And of course there is the hot roast pork bap known as the Hog Roast for lunch, carved straight off the spit, yeee-ummm.

I have been reading a bit more lately and just finished Blow Fly by Patricia Cornwell. I couldn't get into it at first because it felt like it was written by someone else. All the previous Scarpetta novels are written in the first person from the perspective of Kay Scarpetta, but his one was in the third person and she wasn't in it much at all. It was all about the various secondary characters that have cropped up in previous books, (so it is best that you have read those first). The ending was quite weak too.

I have now started The Keep (see last post) and am not sure about that either. Have my expectations of a good book gone up? I think I will like the story of this book but the writing is annoying me. The main character is Danny and we follow him along, Danny this, Danny that, when all of a sudden in the middle of a paragraph it changes to "I .....". Who is this "I"? It's not Danny anyway. Very odd.

I am still partway through the second Zokni sock but am working on my Drops 88-4 to try to get it finished. It is all in fits and starts though, as I go upstairs to do a bit (out of the way of little sharp teeth) but don't really want to sit up there on my tod! I like to knit in front of the telly.

Talking of which the Sky is on the blink so they are coming out to fix it tomorrow. My car is also in the garage, for a new clutch and bearings (its only done 5200 miles for goodness sake!!!) but luckily I am 5 days before the end of the warranty and it is covered. Would have been £600 otherwise! Eek!

PS Hope the Boosh fans like the new pics of Noel on the left side bar!!


Mandragon said...

I like the ear light. You could quite easily talk to yourself and people would think you were using a hands free thing for a mobile. Don't give it away by giggling though.

Nina said...

Sounds like TGO's energy is not matching with yours? Poor baby, each of you. I hope you find a good match, whatever your decision.

LOL, can't wait to hear what you have to say when you finish The Keep. I haven't read it, but I pay attention to your recommendations. :)

I have to say, you find the most beautiful patterns to knit. When you mentioned the sharp teeth, all became clear. The knitting must be respected!

Don't get me started about cars!

Nina said...

AH! I meant to say, the fest sounds like a lot of fun. You had me drooling the first time I read that paragraph. ;)