Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lots of bits and pieces.

The Gorgeous One is very cute, and I have to accept that he is only less than 4 months old, but he can try my patience. We are going to watch a puppy training class this evening, (we can't take Charlie because she is fully booked but we are welcome to go and watch), to see if we can pick up any tips. I have been watching The Dog Whisperer on Sky. Wow, Cesar Millan is amazing. The trouble is I have been trying to copy what he does and expect miracles to happen, and it just don't work like that. I obviously haven't mastered the art of being "calm-assertive". And Charlie certainly hasn't mastered the art of "calm-submissive", not by a long chalk. I even bought and read Cesar's book cover to cover, but unfortunately it isn't a "how to" book at all. It is a very interesting and absorbing read though.

I think I have worked out how to add video to a post, so hopefully this will work.

I haven't heard anything from the hospital about a reschedule for my hands yet. On the blood sugar front, things are going well, I am seeing a psychologist who makes a lot of sense so I'll stick with him for a bit longer.

We had friends visiting briefly at the weekend. Dave who was Colin's best man and Huw who was an usher. They both trained as Clinical Psychologists with Colin. Dave came up from Reading and Huw from Exeter just to have a meal, stay overnight and jump back on a train at 9.30am the next day, a little bit worse for wear after a few drinkiepoos. Dave was absolutely chuffed when we offered him one of our spare Mighty Boosh tickets, so either he or we have to find one other now. And its still 10 months off.

Supernatural is back on ITV2. I have the episode recorded but haven't got around to watching it yet. Can't wait though, I have to see what happens to Dean after his deal at the crossroads to get Sam back.

On the knitting side of things, I am just decreasing the toe on my second Monkey sock. So hopefully there will be pics in my next post. The colours have pooled differently in each sock which is interesting as both balls are the same dye lot. I really like the pattern though and am just starting to get it in my head now that I have almost finished. But that means another pair may be on the cards and will hopefully grow quicker. I have some Lorna's Laces in pruple and green that I am going to use for my next pair of socks, which I may just do plain toe-up.

Well I have 2 bookings for Reiki tretments coming up. The first is a friend of Colin's who suffers with MS. I was supposed to see her on the day that Colin went in for his operation back in September and we have only just got around to rearranging. The second is a friend who is going to have a treatment to see what it is like and then maybe book some sessions as gifts for her mum and sister. Ooo, I'm a bit nervous but I'll be fine once I get going. Wish me luck!


clarabelle said...

Yay, good luck with the Reiki! And thanks for the video of The Gorgeous One - you just have to love him!

CJ Anderso said...

You know, so many of Cesar's techniques are just that easy. Sorry you didnt connect with the book, understanding the underlying philosophy of how his solutions work really help to sustain changs, but that isnt a requirement for his techniques to work.

If you want help there is a huge Cesar Millan yahoo email list (referred to on his monthly newsletter) you can join to get direct support. The other thing which may help you is to go to and type in Cesar Millan and watch his videos,(if you dont get the show to watch waht he does). You also can go to the National Geographic Channel's website and go to the video archive and type in "Millan" and get three pages of clips to watch.

Third, you can also go to download to get the Miro program and be able to download whole episodes to your laptop to watch!

Hope this helps. Last Sunday I just rehomed my 16th problem dog rescue that I took on to rehab using Cesar's techniques from shelters where she was going to be euthanized.

They work and are easy to do!

Lori N said...

What a cute puppy! And Charlie is a suitable name. :)

Cesar's techniques do work miracles, but it takes time and perseverance. Don't give up just yet. Keep experimenting with him, and you'll learn to read his and your energy and what works. Mostly you have to take on a Queen mentality ("I rule here and you will obey!") to convince your dog you mean business. I have been using Cesar's methods on my 3-year-old pekapoo for about six months. We've made progress, but there's more to go. I also use Jan Fennell's Pack Leader Rituals, and the Nothing In Life is Free system. They are compatible with Cesar's Way and can be found in the internet. Best wishes with your little cutie!

Jackie said...

You have a beautiful dog -- truly a Gorgeous One. I'm a big fan of Cesar Millan and his approach to dog psychology. He's actually helping people learn how to communicate with their dogs so that the dogs understand and respect their people. If you have problems with "how" he does what he does, start with developing a calm, assertive attitude -- project confidence and fearlessness and serenity -- just like any true leader, whether of a pack of dogs or a group of people. Your dog will pick up on your energy and respond to it. Cesar's second book, Be the Pack Leader, is more of a "how to" than the first. Do check out his website and his yahoo email list for more information and good luck with the Gorgeous One.