Thursday, January 31, 2008


Yesterday while I was writing my post, I was thinking about how nice it is that each of my posts usually gets at least one comment. I know I have regular readers and they usually say something about my wafflings.

But I was secretly wondering when I would get a comment from a completely new reader, and blow me, but I got a comment from CJ about my Dog Whisperer musings. By the end of last night I had 2 more complete strangers leaving comments on the same subject (thank you to them), and the ideas they left have led me to join the Dog Whisperer fans Yahoo group. There appears to be a lot of very helpful people on the group, and I hope I can pick up some tips on being more in charge of The Gorgeous One.

We went to observe the dog training class last night and to be honest I wasn't overly impressed. It all seemed a bit wishy washy and was over in a flash. All the dogs there seemed to be able to do the tasks set already so there was no actual instruction as to what to do if they don't obey your command. We have arranged for the trainer to come and do a home visit for us next Monday though so we'll see how that goes.

(I have ordered Cesar Millan's second book "Be the Pack Leader" too but don't tell Colin cos I made a promise/New Year Resolution not to buy any books for a year or until my "to be read" pile is seriously reduced. I'm not counting this one though because it is for him aswell ;o) That's my excuse!!)

I finished my Monkey socks last night and have started a really quick project which I'm hoping to finish for my mum's birthday next Friday. I did some last night but I think it's coming out too small so I'm going to frog it and start again with a bigger size.


clarabelle said...

So you've got a book stash as well as a yarn one! I have had to tame my book-buying fetish over the years and now stick (almost exclusively) to libraries. Not quite the same though, is it?

Glad to hear you've made some headway with training The G. One. Sorry I can't help - my late dog was extremely badly behaved...

Nina said...

Oooo, dog training. Some good ideas in your comments section. Please keep us informed as to how you all are taking to the training. Sometimes it seems the humans need the discipline first, to keep it up with the pups. Not that that applies to you! You have a lot of good support now.

I have now seen your monkeys--I have been eyeing that pattern. You have gotten nice results.