Monday, January 07, 2008

Look at him!!!!

What a little cutie. I think he has filled out a little bit in the last week. He is showing off his new collar which although it was the smallest they had in Pets at Home is still too big even after making an extra hole. He seems to be getting used to wearing it, next step is to get a lead on him and try that out. We think we have cracked the night time thing now. He has been quiet for two nights on the trot now, and he is also very good when we go out and leave him for a while. I went back to work for a few hours this morning and didn't notice any howling when i got home.

Friday is the big day for my hand op. I have to go in for 12.00 and they will be doing it sometime in the afternoon. So no knitting for a while after that.

Not that I have done any since Christmas, Charlie has been taking up all my time really. I did get a few bits over the hols though. I had the Stitch n Bitch calendar for Christmas and a voucher for Stash Fine Yarns. And my lovely blogger friend sent me a knitted cowl, which I'll post a pic of next time. Then I found out that Natural Dye Studio are closing their UK ebay shop so I got a couple of skeins of their Dazzle BFL sock yarn.
And then I got some yarn I have been lusting after for ages. Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock yarn!!! Colour is Jungle Stripe and it is gorgeous. On the needles at the moment I have a pair of Monkey socks in Regia Bamboo, another Clapotis in the yarn from China, and the Drops 88-4 is still not finished. I have half a sleeve and then the sewing up and neckband to do.

I got a couple of biographies for Christmas, Richard Hammond and Russell Brand. I have made a bit of a start on My Booky Wook, what a naughty boy our Russell is!!!


wickerwoman said...

Just having a quick peek at the photos he seems 'brighter', just more alert - which I suppose is cos he's a bit older :) He looks so happy and I bet you are too.

Ooh, good luck for Friday hon, I'll be thinking of you. You must sit and rub yarn on your face afterwards, just to keep yourself interested, lol.

Slurpy yarn!!

wickerwoman said...

Oh and by the way. RUSSELL!!!! YAY!!! But I was shocked too ;)

clarabelle said...

Charlie is just too cute, especially the third photo, where he's having a little snooze! I can understand why The Gorgeous One has been taking priority over the knits!

Good luck for Friday - at least the dread thumb will soon be sorted out...

Nina said...

Oh my, where have I been? I thought I was checking in every day...Well, school started, maybe that's what happened.

Charlie is very very cute! Mr. A says "awwww, adorable", which is actually adorable to hear with his almost 5-year-old voice. The boys love Charlie too. :)

Sweet yarn! I have an idea. You have your surgery, and while you are recuperating, send your unfinished projects to all of us, and we will knit them for you! Waddaya think? :-)

Lots of love and PVs coming for you, for tomorrow. We will all be thinking of you.