Saturday, January 19, 2008

Back in circulation

Here are some new pictures of "the gorgeous one" as christened by Clarabelle. He is certainly growing, probably to do with the peanut butter that we put in his Kong and as you can see he loves having his tummy tickled!

I did do a little video on my camera but it doesn't want to load onto Blogger which is a shame.

As you can see i didn't post for nearly 2 weeks so i'd better do a catch up. On Friday 11th I went off to have my finger and thumb sorted out. Got there, got in the gown etc, and then the doctor came to see me, and took one look at my blood sugar levels (as most of you know i have diabetes), and told me that they were too high and he wouldn't do the surgery, because if i got an infection it would be very nasty indeed. So that was that, I came home.

A few weeks ago at my diabetes check-up in Liverpool, it had been suggested that I maybe come into hospital to try to sort out my blood sugars. So on Monday at 5.30pm I got a call from the ward saying they had a bed and could I come NOW. Not in the morning cos they couldn't hold the bed, but NOW. So off I went and that's where I was until Friday evening. Things went really well, and I just have to keep it up now I'm back at home. It was quite strange being in hospital because i wasn't actually ill, so it was a bit like being in a hotel (although i definitely would not have been paying to stay there.) I was allowed to come and go if i wanted to, but I didn't actually leave the building, just went down to the shop a few times, and for a coffee with Colin when he visited. Anyway, hopefully when I get sent another appointment for my hands, I can now have it done.

So I had a lot of time to fill. I read Russell Brand's My Booky Wook. I quite enjoyed it really, although its not one to read if you are looking for a literary tome! I finished one Monkey sock and am almost half way through the second one. I'll save the pics for when they are finished. I had loads of compliments on them from the nurses, doctors and cleaners. Some of them thought i was some kind of genius to be able to make a sock. I thought I would get a lot more done and took another lot of sock yarn in case i finished the Monkeys but didn't get to use it in the end. It is next in the queue though! I also did a lot of word search puzzles and sudoku etc. And listened to a few Podcasts.

This morning I had notification that one of the bookcrossing books I left on the Wirral 3 months ago had been found and journalled. It is this one.

So that's what I've been up to!


clarabelle said...

Oh no, and I thought the hand business would be all over... Sorry to hear about the blood sugar mishap - let's hope you don't have to wait too long to be 'rescheduled'.

But Charlie! What a darling... the second photo is my fave, almost like he hasn't quite got the 'sitting pose' right yet!

Nina said...

Wow, that's a lot of time in one of those flimsy hospital gowns. You were brave to go out of your room like that. ;-)

I'm sooo happy you're on track with your levels now. Would they not allow you a computer in the big house? Didn't they know, you're an important writer, with peeps to keep happy? Hmmph!

And the gorgeous one is sweet sweet sweet! Look at that round belly! His hair looks to be very soft.

donnac1968 said...

Hahaha, Nina, I wasn't in a gown for 4 days!! As I wasn't attached to any drips or anything i could get dressed and just carry on as if I was at home. Didn't have a telly for 4 days although looking back, I really didn't miss it.

Seahorse said...

I'm sorry the hand thing got delayed, though I'm sure it was for the best given the circumstances.

Charlie is just gorgeous!

dreamcatcher said...

Bit of an eventful time there, sorry you couldn't have your op done but good to hear they have sorted out your blood sugars!

Isn't Charlie the cutest!!