Monday, August 06, 2007

Swapping Monkeys

Ooo, I had a mystery parcel arrive on Saturday. It was my CTnY Summer Birthday Surprise package. I opened the outer envelope, and inside were several little parcels wrapped in tissue paper. Can't wait till Wednesday to open them. I will post pics then. I think I know who it is from, because there was a postcode on the envelope, but I'll wait to see if I am right.

There was also a package from my mum, which contained the Mika CD. Not going to listen to it until Wednesday either! Aren't I good?

I sent off a book to my partner in the Reader's Delight bookswap on Thursday, but I haven't heard whether they have received it or not. As this is my first swap, I don't know if you get an email when they acknowledge receipt of it or not. I put in a couple of my sheep stitch markers and a notebook and a bookmark too. I now have the names and addresses of my bookmark swap partners, 2 in the US and one in Australia. I wonder who is going to be sending to me. I managed to find some bookmarks in town on Saturday and I've made the handmade ones already so I'm ready to send those off too. I also have to wrap up the things I have for my Summer Birthday Surprise partner, and that has to go off soon.

I have just heard The Arctic Monkeys on the radio which reminded me of a band featured in Q magazine this month. They are a tribute band called The Antarctic Monkeys. But they are also a support band called something else, and they are the support act for........... The Antarctic Monkeys. In other words, they support themselves! That way people going to see them as The Antarctic Monkeys see them as themselves too so they get a bit of promotion. What a good idea.

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Nina said...

Lots of nice things happening the week of your birthday! My dad's bday was Saturday. So he's older than you. ;)

I ended up at Mika's website after clicking your link, and they seem to be playing their latest album! Is that the one your mum sent? I might get to see them almost live, well, not quite live, not really (okay, not dead either) but on TV if one of the morning newsoid shows has them on, as they are playing a concert this Friday outside in New York City. A friend of mine is going to try to see them. I hope you like your CD. :)

The bookmarks sound wonderful. Perfect for you, an avid reader.

I'm confused about the Antarctic Monkeys. I did a search which turned up some videos of an "air band" which I guess is a tribute band--is that the one you're mentioning?