Saturday, August 11, 2007

No pics today, my computers gone away....

(Note: Now edited to add pics. Couldn't get the scanner to work at home for the pic of Fenina!)

I found this blog today, a great idea. Try to change something small for the good of the environment every day and then keep it as a permanent change, so that you are gradually becoming a greener person.

On Thursday I went for my appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon. I found the hospital (not my local one) with the help of the TomTom (GPS). Its a new treatment centre so it was all clean and sparkly, and they claim MRSA-free. I was shown through on time and saw the surgeon who agreed that surgery was the solution. On both. So I was basically then given a pre-op assessment, loads of medical questions, MRSA swabs taken to make sure i didn't bring it in with me, blood tests, wee test, heart trace, blood pressure, weight, height, blah, blah, blah. They were going to give me a date there and then but by the time all that was done the office had closed so i am waiting for an appointment in the post. It all seemed very efficient and i got the impression i wouldn't be waiting that long. I've got a feeling I might just be doing my Reiki Master level in bandages after all.

It is now Saturday and I have had birthday cards in the post every day since Wednesday. I think the last one came today as it was from my step-aunt which is always the last one i get. So I had a total of 11 cards this year, not too bad. On Wednesday afternoon I had a huge plant delivered from the florist from my mum. Its called a Tulip of Thailand.
My step-sister sent me some essential oil infused heat pads for my hands, they smell gorgeous.

I put T's Boosh head in the back of my car. It's the nearest I'll get to a Boosh Van but there you go, I can show my fan status off to other drivers.

And I had a card from my friend Mark who I know from when i worked in the path lab in Bangor between 1991 and 1996. He has eventually got onto the internet so I can now email him. We will probably be in touch a lot more now as it is so much easier. And he is threatening a blog too, which should be good. (Come on Nina, you have to start yours before he does!!) Mark and I did a creative writing evening course back in 1995 and have both threatened to write a book since. I think I have made the most progress with my 25,000 words but neither of us has finished anything.

The footie season has started! Colin is a long time Leeds United fan from since he was about 4 and now that they have slipped down into League 1 they are playing at Tranmere Rovers on the Wirral today. So he has gone up with a friend to see them for the first time ever. I think he's a bit excited but he didn't show it, hahah. Growing up in Ireland he used to pretend he was Billy Bremner (cos he's a redhead) and those were the days before football went all commercial and replica shirts weren't available. But his mum, who was the perfect housewife, made a big number 4 and sewed it onto the back of a white T-shirt for him. How cute is that?

Tomorrow we are going to Mandy's for her son Tom's 18th birthday. These are the family that we usually spend Boxing Day with. Although a lot of Tom's friends are going to be there, he said he also wanted some adults there too and asked us!!! Hmmm.

I have my new computer, but I am writing this on Colin's because mine isn't connected to the internet yet. Some kind of network thing isn't working yet, so we have to wait for the IT guy to sort it out. It looks pretty cool though, and all my files appear to have been transferred over from the old one. I think I should have enough hard drive space now with 320Gb!!!!!. The old one had 60 I think and I'd only used half of that!!

Right, I'm off to write to the little girl I sponsor in Nigeria. I decided to do it after watching Live8 in 2005. I do it through ActionAid, and have had several messages from her during the 2 years i have been sponsoring her. She is 8 years old, and very cute. I'll try to scan in a picture.


dreamcatcher said...

Best of luck for the surgery, the place you went to sounds awfully efficient! Congrats on a shiny new computer too :-D

Nina said...

Okay,I can't wait to see photos now! Are you going to take photos of your surgery? Hahaha! I'm serious. It's reassuring that the treatmet centre is so aware of MRSA.

Just for the record, unless Mark has his blog all ready to go, I'm going to beat him to the punch. I just have a couple words to type (ha-ha!) and up it goes. Or out it goes.

Your new computer sounds Fabulous!!! Tell Colin I love him for you. Be sure to get a backup system of some sort, so when you start filling that computer with the books you're writing, you won't lose anything. :)

Happy Birthday again! As my dad says, you have the whole month to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

I love the plant, it's beautiful. Never heard of that before.

I remember Billy Bremner and I used to support Leeds when I was a little girl for some strange reason. They were very violent weren't they? :D


Nina said...

The flower is gorgeous! Is it fragrant? Is that what you're calling "Fenina"?