Monday, August 13, 2007

Op date, Nia, & Nina

I had a call this morning from the treatment centre. They have given me an appointment for my op, 29th August. I'm not sure if they are doing one or both together, I'll wait for the letter with all the details. Think i'd better call my Reiki teacher and get some advice on whether it is still ok to do the Master level with bandages on!

The barbeque yesterday was good. Met some nice people. There was a woman there who is going to be running classes in the Nia Technique. She has just trained in it and was very enthusiastic. Its an exercise class involving a bit of yoga, martial arts, and dance. It sounds quite interesting so i told her I might give it a go and to let me know through Mandy when it is starting. I can go once and see if it is for me anyway.

Apparently, according to the comments on my last post, Nina's blog is this space!!!


dreamcatcher said...

Glad to hear they are not making you wait very long for the op, best of luck with it and for a speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

29th August is nice and close, it'll be well worth it.
I want to do the Nia technique! It won't happen here though :(