Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Knit club & socks

So yesterday afternoon was knitting group. The venue has changed to a much nicer pub and probably about the same distance for me. I could walk it but I'm a bit lazy. The staff were very friendly and accommodating, and had reserved us 3 tables near the doors out into the garden. As it turned out we only needed a small area this time as there were only 6 of us. This was nice though because it meant we all got to speak to each other easily. Usually there are about 10-12 or more and if you are at one end you don't get to speak to the people at the other end. I was the youngest there, probably by at least 15 years but its great because everyone else has so much experience to share. I got a bit lost when some of them were talking about lace making (not lace knitting, but actual lace making with bobbins etc) because I've never tried it and to be honest I don't have any interest in it.

I took along a skein of the Lamb's Pride and the 8mm needles to do a gauge swatch for the Lace Inset. It didn't take long so I couldn't resist making a start. I got a few rows above the garter stitch waist detail and then did the rest last night at home.

I think it is going to be a bit snug (my tension was a bit off) and from reading a couple of other blogs I found, it turns out somewhat cropped. I'll finish the back as it grows so quickly, and see what it is like held up to me. The colour is Lipstick Red.

Thanks for your comments about Sheldon. On knitty.com there is a link to the designer's blog and then she has a link to the Sheldon Flickr gallery. So I sent her a picture of my Sheldon and she has added him to the gallery. There are some great ones on there in a variety of colours.

Now, the other day I discovered a terrible thing had happened to one of my handknitted socks.........

These are a pair of my favourites made with Natural Dye Studio merino sock yarn. What do I do? How do you darn socks? I've never done it before. It is a short-row heel if that makes any difference.

I am going to add a pair of Thuja Socks to my "to do " list. I'm not going to say who they are for, but obviously it is a pattern for men's socks so that narrows it down a bit. I just have to find a substitute yarn, so if anyone has any suggestions for a 100% wool (or near enough) DK weight yarn good for socks then leave me a comment.

I have taken the Drops cardigan off of my "to do " list as i have decided I may use the cotton yarn to make Ariel by Ysolda Teague instead.


nanatoo said...

I'm no use with anything 'sock-y' I'm afraid, I've only done one pair so far in sock yarn. Also, I'm decorating and therefore exhausted and no use to anybody :P

Love the swatch! That'll be gorgeous. Glad you had a good time at knit club.

Caroline M said...

You could reknit the whole heel if you really wanted or just darn it.


If you can catch them before they hole (check the other sock in the pair) they are easier because you can just duplicate stitch over the thin bits. I tend to go through the toes rather than the heels.