Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Forums, jammies & Castaway

I have a decision to make. Bruce from Scandinavian Knitting Design (the UK distributors for garnstudio) has asked me if I would like to be an administrator for their forum. I am thinking about it. I don't really have a clue what an administrator does! But they need help, and he has said I could do it for a month or 2 and see how it goes. Typical that now I am back at work, things are happening that I need time for!!

I have got a batch of sheep ready for Stash. Some pink/white and black/white ones for now. And the order for the USA is ready and on its way. It will be interesting to see how many are sold after the magazine comes out.

I have an idea for a design I would like to try, so I will take it with me on Sunday (albeit in my head!). I was lying in bed and thought that it was the time of the year to put away my winter pyjamas. But I need some lighter ones so I thought about knitting a little set with vest top and shorts. I will need a light yarn which will also be cool. I don't know a lot about the different types of yarn, but am guessing a cotton or linen type yarn might work?

I just turned the heel on my second toe-up silk/alpaca sock so its on up the leg to the end now. I hadn't done much on these for a while but got to a fiddly concentration bit on the FLIC and left that for a bit. I probably won't need these socks until next winter now, but then I'll have a nice new pair ready for me when the weather turns again. Work continues on the grey ones.

I have been dipping in and out of Castaway on BBC1, not knowing whether to watch it or not. On Sunday I did watch it and found it very uncomfortable. In the previous episode which I hadn't seen, 2 of the castaways had been sent off on a mission and something had happened between them, causing them to fall out. When they got back, Jonathan was completely ostracized(sp?) and they all turned on him like a pack of savages, to the extent that they decided to throw him out of the main hut and make him live in a tiny hut which let in all the rain, and not give him any food. Ok, so maybe he didn't pull his weight but I think the "punishment" was rather extreme. I remember celebrity Big Brother when this type of bullying was going on, and it became an international racisism issue. The castaway incident has not even been mentioned anywhere as bullying. Yes, Jonathan does seem to be a confrontational character but come on.


Seahorse said...

I agree Castaway has got a bit 'Lord of the Flies'! I don't like Jonathan much (or what they've shown of him anyway) but nonetheless, I don't feel inclined to watch any more of the series.

Knitted PJs sound lovely. Have you looked at the old fashioned ladies undies patterns that come up on ebay regularly? They might work (or be adaptable).

Nina said...

That sounds really interesting, being involved in that type of knitting forum. You would probably like it.

Your design idea sounds good. I have a book with a pattern for "girly boxers". Something along those lines? ;)

Oh, I have to say something about those offonanisland "reality" shows. I despise them! I just can't even invent the time to watch them. At first, they seemed like an interesting study of behavioral trials, but after awhile one realizes the show we end up watching is heavily edited to show the angle the producers want (of course), and it looks so contrived. Ugh! That's been building up, sorry. :P

Don't get me started on the "media" attention to those shows, now...

Pam said...

Hi there...just wanted to pop in and say hello and thanks for your nice comments re:knitting on mine...knitting, a definitel worldwide sister/brotherhood. Yes, knitted Jammies...how lovely that would be. It has been so cold here I could use some jammies made in Dk!! Hope you will post a pic of yours, once done...where will you find a pattern-or are you designing your own??

nanatoo said...

Ooh, you bugger doing long posts when I'm not up to it ;)
Isn't it always the way that things come at the wrong time? Hope you're having a go and enjoying it though.