Saturday, December 13, 2008


On a whim on Wednesday I ordered some Moo mini cards. You get 100 for £9.99 + P+P. You can have any text you like on the back and you can get quite a lot on them. I have my name, address, phone, blog address and email address on mine. I painstakingly went through and chose 100 different designs from the thousands available but you can also upload your own pictures or designs. You can have minicards, postcards, greeting cards & stickers.
(click pic for close up)

These are some of my favourite ones from the ones I chose

Cute eh? They said that they would take 7-14 days to dispatch but they arrived in 3, great service!


Sarah said...

Those are adorable. I really like the sheep and gorilla ones. Too cute. What do you plan on doing with them all?

Sarah said...

I'm back, I've tagged you!