Thursday, September 04, 2008

Wild Fire Fibres

Hmm, what could be inside this bright shiny package?

Oooooh, purty!!

It was my order from Wild Fire Fibres. This is 50% merino, 50% tencel sock yarn in colour Mirtillo....

And this is 80% merino, 20% bamboo sock yarn in colour Apple Orchard.

Both are extremely soft and squishy and I love them. I need a couple of great patterns to do them justice.

Edit: It may be slightly ambitious but I am going to use the green for a pair of Bayerische socks, eek!

(mooncalf, I hope I have made you happy today!)


mooncalf said...

Ooh lovely! Both gorgeous colours too. I don't know which I'd use first.

Nina said...

Beautiful! Good choices. I can almost feel their squishiness.