Monday, October 22, 2007

Lavender Scars, Miss Potter and Drops 88-4

I am officially out of Sock Wars. These arrived on Saturday morning, lovely pale lavender Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. They were knitted by Rooknits (three quarters) and wendyswoolies (finished off). My Yarn Forward magazine came last week. It is much glossier and magazine-like now with some good length articles. As I didn't know if I would be knitting more on Sock Wars I decided to start the Miss Potter Mitts from the front cover. Unfortunately the pattern was not well written and I had to work out a couple of bits myself. But this is what they came out like....
They are knitted in Rowan Tapestry which is lovely and soft, using size 4mm DPNs. I think if I made another pair I would go down a needle size as they are quite roomy. I used one ball of the Tapestry and literally had 4 inches of yarn left over!! More pics on flickr (see link on the left).

Also on Saturday I had a delivery from Bruce at Scandinavian Knitting Design. Six balls of Drops Alpaca to make the Drops Cardigan 88-4. The yarn is wonderfully soft, but is very fine (thinner than sock yarn) and the pattern is knitted on 3.5mm needles. It is going to be a longer term project I think. Here is my progress so far........
After doing a couple of rows of cables with a cable needle I decided there had to be a better way, so googled cabling without a needle. I found this method and it is great apart from the scary bit of dropping stitches off the needle. You need to hold them tight so you don't lose them. Mine is only a four stitch twist so only two stitches to drop and pick up.
The bamboo needle I was using however, is rather blunt so I have ordered one of the Addi Lace needles which are more pointy.

While waiting for the Addi I have started a secret project for my mum for Christmas. I was going to do her a cardigan of some sort but as I don't want to over stretch my hands I have scaled down to something smaller. Can't say what because she reads this. All I'll say is that it is in a colour she likes.


wickerwoman said...

Love the socks, that is some soft yarn.

Glad I know the Miss Potter pattern is wrong as I quite fancy those. They look very pretty.

Good luck with the cardi. You're braver than me :)

Nina said...

Lovely socks! I'm still lurking in the darkness, alive and well. Wow, the Miss Potter Mitts are cute. Did you write out your corrections? You do really nice work.

By the way, bamboo or other wood needles are easy to fix the tip. I just use sandpaper (glass paper?) and polish it down to the type of point I want. I use a couple types of fine grit paper, not too coarse. I find I need to do this with just about every set of wood needles I buy.

clarabelle said...

Eeerm, trying to catch up with you here, Donna! Blimey, so many knits! So presumably that means that the naughty thumb is behaving itself at the mo?

Honestly, great to see what you're knitting (absolutely love the mittens!).

dreamcatcher said...

Love the Miss Potters, thanks for the heads-up on the pattern too.