Thursday, October 18, 2007

Clapotis finished

I finished my Clapotis scarf last night. I'm not sure about the colour pooling but I'm not worrying enough to frog and do it again. It is Natural Dye Studio hand dyed yarn so there are colour variations between skeins. I used 3 and a quarter skeins (170ish grams) of sock yarn.

I liked getting near the end because you are decreasing at both ends so each row is getting shorter and therefore quicker to knit.

Somehow I am still alive in Sock Wars. Mel declared herself 'dead' yesterday so hopefully I will get her victim's partly made socks to finish in a couple of days. Unless I'm 'killed' first, but I have had no word from my 'assassin' at all. Perhaps they are in stealth mode.

On the TV front, I watched Sunday's Top Gear last night. I can't believe that they managed to sail the English Channel in a pickup truck!! Surely not! Very funny though.

Since I have managed to pick up the needles again recently, my reading has started to suffer. I have started Memnoch the Devil, which is no. 5 of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. I did pop into the second hand bookshop on Saturday and got Priestess of the White by Trudi Canavan, and Night Rise by Anthony Horowitz for the grand total of £7, and the Canavan was a hardback. I enjoyed the Black Magician trilogy so I hope I'll like this one too. I'm not usually a big fantasy fiction fan but there you go.

Yay for Russell Brand having Noel Fielding as co-host on his Radio 2 show last week. If you are quick you can listen again or download the podcast here. The show was very funny, but I don't know how he gets away with some of the stuff he talks about, what with it being the BBC n'all. There was a bonkers chap on who wants Russell to stand for mayor of London. You can sign the petition here. Noel & Russell did say that they will be defending their title on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, which I'm guessing will be on around Christmas/New Year. Not long now then, where is this year going?


dreamcatcher said...

Lovely Clapotis indeed :-)

Top Gear was hilarious on Sunda, especially the three-men-in-a-boat (car) thing :-D

I think Russell should definitely be major of London. That would liven things up. 'citin' indeed.

RooKnits said...

ooooh I think your Sockwars may be coming to an end. I know someone who finished your socks today :0)

Nina said...

Wow, you're in regular production again. Congrats on still being alive--oops, a mysterious message has come through!

Your Clapotis is beautiful. I think the colour pooling makes it quite unique. :)

wickerwoman said...

I never mind pooling on things. That's a lovely Clapper :)

Bet you like the Hamster's new longer hair, hmmm?

Oh, that was so funny with Russell and Noel. And Rainbow George is excellent: any friend of Peter Cooke's is a friend of mine, lol.

Webbo said...

It's lovely. No probs at all with the colour pooling that I can see! How are you liking the moomin books?