Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I am Sooooo lucky

I am so lucky to have a wonderful friend. And the daft thing is we have never met. Our first contact was through a bookring that was running on bookcrossing.com. And then we became blogging friends. I won't mention her name as she prefers to stay anonymous if she can but she knows who she is and some of you know her too. Anyway, she sent me this Ilga Leja Diamonds on the Diagonal scarf out of the blue!! Just out of the goodness of her heart because I have had a dodgy time of it lately. What a sweet person she is. Thank you so much.

It is made with Posh Yarn in a wonderful mix of pinky purpley grey colours with a hint of a yellowy green. Gorgeous. And just the right size for this time of year when you don't yet need a really big scarf. In fact I shall wear it today!

No sign of my Lace needle yet so I shall carry on with the other project for the time being.


dreamcatcher said...

What a lovely scarf, glad it has cheered you up a bit :-)

Seahorse said...

Oh yes, I bet I know who that was! A very lovely friend to me too :)

I love your Miss Potters and the SKD project.

Nina said...

Gorgeous scarf! Very sweet of your friend, I know it has helped you feel "hugged".

I'm glad you have another project to occupy your time, but if you can't wait for the lace needles, just sharpen the wooden ones! It works, it really does. :)

woolydoodles said...

Beautiful scarf...what a lovely friend. Everytime you wear it you will get a hug from her!!
Hope you are ok.
Love n hugs to you both
Mel x