Saturday, September 12, 2009

The diabetic handbag!

A few days ago I found a couple of posts on some diabetes blogs (Kerri's post, Leanne's post and Karen's post) that I look at, where the girls were showing the contents of their handbags, highlighting the stuff that we have to carry around with us. We can't just grab our keys and go like you "normal folks". We have to BE PREPARED!!

Inspired by these ladies I decided it was time to have a go myself. I have never video-blogged or "vlogged" before, and haven't even actually been on video before so this is a first for me! I managed to get the webcam going and recording so this is my effort.

If that takes too long to load, try this link.

I would be interested to know what a male diabetic has in his bag, or pockets!


Nina said...

Fantastic! You look as though you were born for the camera, Donna. :) Very nice.

With all your supplies, you appear to be well prepared. Do you just leave the bag in the car, or do you need to have it on your person at all times? And how do you do it with the biscuits? I end up with crumbs when I try to carry snacks for the kids!

donnac1968 said...

Hi Nina. The bag is with me at all times, even when I nip to the park with the dog or to the shop, you never know when you might need it!

Karen said...

Great vlog!! I never would have guess it's the first vlog you've done - you are a natural. I loved seeing what you carry, and that little Accu Check meter!! How cool is that? I don't think we have them here yet, but I'm going to take a look next time I'm in a store. I loved the little pump tutorial you did also - terrific job explaining all things pump!