Monday, February 11, 2008

New for nattering knitters.

Exciting news!! I have started a knitting group!! Well, there are two of us doing it actually. I came across someone else on ravelry who lives here in Chester and got chatting through the messaging system on there. She said that she would love it if there was a knitting group that met at Borders at Cheshire Oaks so I said "why not start one". She made some enquiries with the store and they were really keen so yesterday we met up there and spoke to the supervisor, Simon. He showed us where we could gather the group and was very accommodationg.

So the upshot is that the new group will be held at Borders, Cheshire Oaks on the second Tuesday of the month starting on 11th March, from 6.30pm till 8pm-ish. All welcome if you are in the area. One of the ladies who works in the LYS is telling customers about it too so hopefully it will be more than just the two of us on the first night.

On the recommendation of Clarabelle I have started an Argosy Scarf from I'm not sure whether to rattle through this for a present or to finish my socks first. I am just casting off the first toe-up sock. The scarf is so squooshy that I would be loath to part with it. I am using the Fyberspates DK that I got last week.

There is progress on the Gorgeous One front. We had another trainer round yesterday from BarkBusters and rather than trying to teach him "tricks" like sit, stay etc which the other one did, she actually showed us how to stop him doing things he shouldn't. Ah relief. I think he was so pooped afterwards, because he actually lay and fell asleep in his bed during the evening rather than chewing it and dragging it around the room. And today he actually seems to be showing me some respect instead of chewing my trousers and being a pain in the arse. He's so cute.

My mum & step-dad got to see him via the webcam last night. I finally got round to setting it up and after a few teething troubles we managed to get a connection between us via Windows Messenger. Charlie was so funny, my mum was calling him and he couldn't work out where she was!!

I had a surprise on Saturday. The new Matthew Reilly is out and was half price in Waterstone's. I couldn't grab it quick enough, and in the process broke my resolution of not buying any books this year. I think one slip up is allowed and as I said to Colin "its not a book, it's a necessity!". He promptly took it off me and said "Well you have to finish the book you're reading first and I've just finished mine so I'll read it first!". Humph! He gave it back this morning saying it was all too ridiculous (that's the point of MR) and that I could have it after all. I shall start it later today.


clarabelle said...

Oh, it'll be interesting to see how Argosy turns out - I haven't knitted it yet myself, so I hope my recommendation is worth it!

Good luck with the knitting group and with TGO's training (I can't believe he can be naughty!).

Sarah said...

Love the colours of that Argosy, also the Urchin is fab and of course The Gorgeous One :o)

Nina said...

I am fascinated by entrelac. I took a class last summer to learn and make a small bag. Haven't touched it since, cos of so many other things distracting me! Can't wait to see what your argosy looks like finished! :)

I think it's a good idea to get help training a pup. We had to take a dog to the shelter due to its snapping at my toddler (at the time). I think if we had taken the steps you are taking, we might still have a dog.

Nina said...

PS: I will have to let you know if I'm available 11th March. You sure it will only go 'til 8:00? :P

Seahorse said...

Good luck with the knitting group!

Having a puppy sounds like hard work but I think it's really great that you're into trying to all live happily together rather than letting Charlie be er... 'top dog'!

bex said...

Hi Donna I'm back on the blog!!
I'm so glad you got a lovely new puppy dog. By the way my mate Rob lent me the new MR.I still have two of yours plus some other books. We should try to meet up soon so we can catch up and also so I can give you your books back!

dreamcatcher said...

How exciting, a knitting group! Best of luck with it!

Glad to hear you have had some positive progress with Charlie too :-)

Argosy looks fab in that colourway.