Friday, February 08, 2008

Birthday girl!


Now my mum has opened her present I can show you what I made her. It is Urchin from, and here are The Gorgeous One and I modelling it before it went off in the post.


clarabelle said...

It's a gorgeous beret - and the yarn too - I'm sure your Mum is thrilled! Charlie looks to be enjoying his photoshoot!

kathryn said...

That is a lovely hat - and the yarn is gorgeous! I must have missed where you described it - what yarn is it?

Nina said...

I agree, gorgeous beret! What size needles did you use for it? It looks like a large gauge project.

Love Charlie's shiney tag. He looks fairly content. :)

dreamcatcher said...

Love the Urchin beret and great photos too! I just got the pattern and am hopefully going to make one in some Colinette Graffiti - some of my "oldest" stash :-D