Saturday, December 23, 2006

3 BTs

3 BTs from the last couple of days

1. Seeing Richard Hammond fully recovered chatting to Jonathon Ross on TV last night.

2. Going into town today and seeing Manny, the Big Issue seller wearing the gloves I made for him. He was very happy with them and said they were very warm.

3. Mark & Karen winning Strictly Come Dancing tonight. They both really deserved it.

Other than that, I did a swatch of part of my design for the Simply Knitting magazine competition socks today and it came out well despite it being an odd shape. So I can soldier on with them now. I'm not sure if anyone on the judging panel will even have heard of my celebrity (I'm sure he would hate to be called that too, so let's say fairly well known in certain circles) but I hope at least they will like the socks.

I also had a lovely email from Florence in the USA who had 7 sets of sheep from me through ebay, wishing me a Happy Christmas and telling me how much all her knitting group friends loved their sheepy gifts. She is going to want some more too!
I also had a phone call from my mum's friend Barbara to thank me for the scarf I made her which was a lovely surprise. One suspects my mum had a hand in it as our number is ex-directory!
No photos today, the next one will be me wearing The Jumper when it is dry.
I managed to join the Sexy Knitters Club today but had to open a separate blogger account to do it. Hope there is some way to merge the two at some point. I have added the button to the side bar but it hasn't got a link to the blog, any ideas anyone?

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