Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hedging my bets

So I was quite keen on the idea of a bit of "guerilla knitting". But I thought I'd start small. Our next door neighbours have a hedgehog outside their front door and as the weather got colder he started to look a bit chilly. So I knitted him a very simple 12 stitch 2x2 rib scarf using some left over sock yarn.

This morning on my way out, I popped their Christmas card through the door, put the scarf on the hedgehog, took a quick photo and ran to the car and away.

Doesn't he look much warmer now? I'm not going to mention it and see how long it takes them to notice. They know I knit so will probably guess who did it, but when?


mooncalf said...

It looks like he loves his new scarf :D

I hope they leave it on when they find it. He'll need it in this cold weather!

Nina said...

Brilliant! He is very cute, and very sharp in his new scarf.

Guerilla knitting, eh? You and I could do some damage! hahaha

Sarah said...

That is great! He looks wonderful. I look forward to more guerilla knitting.