Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eastham Country Park

We made a discovery yesterday. We were wondering where we could go to take Susie for a walk, and we were going to go to the beach but it is more or less at the top of the Wirral to West Kirby beach, a bit of a trek. We had a look on google maps to see if there were any beaches nearer and found not a beach but a lovely country park called Eastham Country Park, and it is only about 10 miles away. So off we went.

Firstly this gate was amusing, if you click on the photo you'll see why! Apparently this was the original gateway to the old Victorian park

which used to have a zoo in it. This was the original bearpit which had two bears (not these two!). Look at the awful cramped conditions.

I'm not sure what would have lived in this dark little hole.

There were some lovely new green leaves on the beech trees

And these mushrooms seem to be doing a lot better than my meagre efforts!

The park is directly in the flight path for Liverpool airport and about every 5 minutes there would be a roar as one of these passed overhead. I don't know how that airport would survive if EasyJet went bust!

This was a huge felled tree that we found - I positioned the models to show the scale

and this photo I like because she looks so puppyish.

We'll be going there again now that we have found it.


sunnysweetpea said...

That park looks lovely Donna. I love the gate!!

Auntie Noo said...

that looks such a perfect walk *sigh* Just lovely.