Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Really Big Issue

So the USA has a new president - the end. Or it should be. But the main talking point of all this is that he is the first black president.

I'm not saying this isn't a really big deal - IT IS!!! It is a FIRST, like the first man on the moon or the first test tube baby. I will admit that I am totally ignorant when it comes to politics and human rights etc - in my own little country let alone the rest of the world - but I know that this is a momentous event.

My point is that it shouldn't be. He is not the first ever president. Putting political leanings and policies aside, the difference between Barack Obama and the 43 presidents who have come before him, is that he has dark skin. This is by virtue of chance. The reason he has dark skin is that his ancestors were from a country where the conditions meant that by the natural process of evolution and natural selection it was advantageous for the people to have dark skin. Can you imagine a bunch of freckly red heads running around in the searing African sun, they wouldn't have lasted five minutes. (Maybe they didn't and that's why there are none there now! (No offence to redheads, I am after all married to one.)) Obama's ancestors did not think to themselves, "let's deliberately make our skin black to annoy the hell out of white people".

Obama is an articulate, intelligent and clever man who has worked his way up in his chosen career like anyone else, the colour of his skin should be irrelevant. Sadly it is not.

However, all that aside I think everyone is missing the REALLY BIG ISSUE here.

***How on earth does Barack Obama think he is
going to have time to housetrain a puppy?!!***


steve said...

He doesn't need to housetrain the puppy. He has people who will clean up after it for him.

Nina said...

Hahaha! I've been wondering the same thing - about the puppy, that is. ;)