Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I am liking this....

.......the Gathered Pullover. This is halfway through the cable panel on the front.

The alpaca is lovely and soft as a fabric, slightly rougher as you are knitting it. I am just praying that the thing will fit when it is finished. Once this panel is finished, I have to separate for the fronts and back so I'll be putting stitches on stitch holders and can try it on.

But, I had a little diversion over the weekend. I got some 2.5mm DPNs from Scandinavian Knitting Design (along with some yarn which I can't show yet!), and using the leftover TOFUtsies that my Sock Wars assassin sent me, I made this little fellow for Becca.

And here he is with big brother Ellie. I still didn't manage to do crochet ears, but somehow I managed to knit a pair in a decent shape this time.


Sarah said...

Ooh good use for some of that lovely Woolfest haul you got.

clarabelle said...

Aww, soo coot!

What is the original design for the elephants? Have I missed something?

mooncalf said...

Wow, your Gathered Pullover looks so much like mine! It probably feels a lot softer though.

You're also getting distracted by small projects just like me - could we be avoiding the miles and miles or arm-stockinette-in-the-round?


Nina said...

Your little elefanten are very sweet--the ears look good. ;)

I really like the design on this pullover. A very interesting feature.

What? New needles? new yarn? where? where?!