Thursday, May 15, 2008

Today I died!

These little beauties went off to Arkansas, USA on Monday lunchtime. They couldn't have gone any sooner because of the weekend post and that I had to spend some time with the family. No it was good actually, they didn't mind me knitting and I did quite a bit while they went out to the pub, (I don't drink so I don't tend to get much out of going to the pub!) or were sleeping in in the mornings.

Unfortunately the doorbell went this morning and I was given a package containing these

from Lauri in Arizona. I love the colours. She has done the increases differently to mine, producing a lacy stitch, but they are absolutely fine. I'm certainly not going to complain like some of the pains in the arse on the discussion boards. God, they take it all so seriously, but then again I would have been disappointed if I had got a pair of crappy socks. I was very lucky with my assassin, she knew what she was doing. So that's me out of the game for this time around, roll on SW4!! My target should "die" tomorrow so maybe Lauri will get to finish off another pair before she meets her demise.

On Monday lunchtime we went out to the Red Lion in Dodleston for a pub lunch. The weather was gorgeous and we sat outside. This is me with Colin and his dad.

Colin & Sean

And me & Fiona (Colin's sister)

So they flew back to Ireland yesterday afternoon, and I have been into the office this morning to make sense of the post that has come in over the last week. Theoretically we are both off for the whole week but Colin had a meeting so I thought I might as well go in too. We are off tomorrow though.

Then on Saturday morning my parents will arrive bright and early and the entertaining starts all over again!!

Tuesday evening I went out to knitting group at Borders. We had another 4 new people this time and some who didn't come from last time. So we had 18 again. As usual I was last to leave!! I found out that Stash is moving to new premises and that the shop is going to be 3 times the size. The one they have now is tiny so there will be much more display space. Unfortunately they are not having a sale before they move, so no bargains to be had! There are some online offers though.


Nina said...

Oh My, Donna! RIP is all I can say! Lovely weapons of sock destruction!

The ones you made are beautiful, too. Interesting how such a slight difference in lifting one stitch can make a new effect in a stitch pattern. I like both versions. :)

I almost died of shock yesterday, but the package was just some yarn I wasn't every expecting to get. LOL Now that I have sorted out the increases (d'oh!) I am getting along much better.

Sarah said...

You put up a brave fight :o)

clarabelle said...

I'm obviously missing out with all this Sock Wars' death and destruction!

Good to hear that a yarn shop is doing well enough to expand.

YowlYY said...

I love both socks, those who killed you and those who killed your victim! I have no idea when I am going to be killed, my assassin seems pretty relaxed about it, and my package has been on its way to my victim in the US since Saturday last.
I absolutely agree with you about those who complain a lot about anything... this war is supposed to be fun (and hopefully my killer socks fit!).