Monday, April 07, 2008

Drops 88-4 finished

Here is a dodgy ole photo of me in the finished Drops 88-4 cardigan. I had literally just finished sewing on the sleeves. It is a bit gapey across the fronts so I'm going to pin it out and block it within an inch of its life to try to stretch it out. Hopefully it will dry by tomorrow evening.


clarabelle said...

It's a lovely little cardi! I really like the colour as well. Looking forward to seeing it post-blocking!

Chris said...

Oh, that's not anything like as bad as I thought! When the buttonholes are spaced out like that, you can get that problem. If you con't have any luck blocking it out a bit fiercer you could possibly double the buttonholes to fill in the gaps?

Nice to see you anyway, we must meet up some time.

Nina said...

Did the cardi cooperate? It's gorgeous!! What is the colour?

You must just be getting home from your knit night? Spill, how'd it go?