Monday, November 05, 2007

Cardi progress

My Drops 88-4 cardigan is coming along nicely. I have now finished all the cable-y bits and am on to larger needles and plain stocking stitch so it should grow quicker now. The little cables were driving me bonkers but I still have to do them again on 2 sleeves!! There will be less of them each time though, there were 14 of them across the body!!

Now I have a question...........I want to make a cardigan in a neutral colour that will go with purple, blue, grey, red, green or white (or any colour you can think of really!!!). What colour do you suggest? Please don't say black, I can't bear the thought of knitting with black, I think I may go blind, eek. (If you are wondering, these mentioned colours are all colours of tops I have which I would wear underneath the cardigan in question.) Please leave any suggestions in the comments.

Yesterday we went for a walk around the Marine Lake in West Kirby on the Wirral. Half way round we veered off up a side road to a cafe I had spotted on the way, called Sand's. We sat outside and the sun was so warm I had to take off my fleece!! While we were sat there I put a bookcrossing book on a chair at another table, and one of the staff had a look. Then she told someone else and they came and took it inside. Later in the evening I had a journal entry on it. Yay!! My catch rate on my wild releases currently sits at 18.9% so roughly 1 in 5. Not bad.

We had a brief discussion about how we felt about another dog. Colin's thoughts were "I'd probably have to do most of the walking etc, BUT they are lovely", "they are a commitment BUT they are lovely". Mine were, "you do have to think about getting home when you are out or arranging kennels if you go away BUT they are lovely". Hmmm, no conclusions there then. It is a bit too soon yet anyway, and we need to get Colin's treatment out of the way first.

Talking of which, it is going fine so far. The only effect has been that his arm is going a bit pink, but being a redhead he burns easily anyway so it looks as if he has caught a little bit of sun on one arm only. No tiredness or nausea so far, so he is happy to drive over to his appointments on his own for now.


clarabelle said...

Hmmm, ponders a colour which will go with all your tops.... How about a dark grey, or.... a dark aubergine? I've recently nicked a dark aubergine jumper off one of my daughters, and it needs a t-shirt underneath. Most of mine seem to go pretty well, but having said that - green? Perhaps not....

I've been humming and haa-ing about getting another dog since mine was put to sleep 5 years ago. So difficult to weigh up the pros and cons, so I understand your reluctance.

Glad Colin is getting on ok with the dreaded treatment!

Nina said...

Cardigan colours--I would suggest perhaps the right deep blue or green. Chris, the colour expert suggests some sort of lilac or lavender. We can suggest any colour name, but you would obviously have to try out different shades to make your decision. That's the fun part!

Your Drops 88-4 cardigan is truly coming along nicely. You did all those cables over the weekend? Very nice work.

donnac1968 said...

Thank you for those suggestions so far, i shall have a think about them.

Nina - if only that was just a weekend's work. But no, that is at least 3 weeks work on those cables!!!

Mandragon said...

There is only one colour to go for and that is MUSHROOM! It goes well with any colour and most foods! I'd give black a go as well. Knit with your eyes closed and you won't have any problems going blind!
Hope this helps.

donnac1968 said...

Yeah, thanks for that!!!!

Chris said...

Great to hear things are going well, have you thought about silvery grey? Or charcoal?
Still neutral, pretty interchangeable and DEFINITELY not black!
Good luck with your choice anyway!

wickerwoman said...

The cardi is gorgeous, well done for all that work so far!
I like both the mushroom and silvery grey suggestions for the future knit.
It's just good to know that you can get another dog 'one day' for now isn't it :) I'm pleased that Colin's treatment is going well.

dreamcatcher said...

The cardigan looks great, I love the tiny cables. I'd go with the silvery-grey suggestion too for a neutral cardi. Glad Colin is doing OK!

Seahorse said...

Good to hear Colin's treatment is going well.

All those tiny cables! Argh!

I'd opt for a grey or mushroom-y colour for the goes-with-everything cardi too.

kathryn said...

I was going to say the right sort of beige, but now I've read the other comments I think mushroom wins hands down!