Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Frankenstein was right!!

I have unequivocal proof that the Big Bang theory is true, and that spontaneous life can be created out of nothing..................................
Last night we had a great thunder storm with several big bangs, and today I found these in the lawn. And I swear they were NOT there yesterday. What more proof do you need??
I think you will also find that this is proof of fairies too, this is where they live isn't it?
Also in the garden, we are waiting to see what these are going to be like when they burst open. We bought a load of bulbs from a market and forgot what they were. These are definitely alliums, because they smell of onions which are the same family. Colin was convinced we'd been sold duds and that they really were onions when they first started coming up.
I was fascinated by this bee on our lavender. Can you see the bright yellow pollen sac on his leg? It was huge, and he had one on each leg. I don't know how he didn't crash to the ground under all the weight. (Sorry if its a bit blurred I was on full zoom and he kept moving!)
And finally, HOW ON EARTH DID CHARLEY NOT GET ENOUGH NOMINATIONS TO BE UP FOR THE PUBLIC VOTE?????????????????????????????????? Someone explain to me, cos I just DON'T GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Seahorse said...

Catching up here!

Hope the thumb thing can be resolved now you have your diagnosis confirmed.

The bee pic is stunning!

Webbo said...

I love a good thunderstorm. Gorgeous garden pics. I can't remember the name of your allium plant offhand but I know my mum used to grow it. Just looking at it brought the smell back to my memory!

nanatoo said...

Poor little weighed down chap! I love alliums, they'll be beautiful.

No, I can't watch BB until that child goes!!!! And is it right they're not giving £100,000 to Liam after telling him they were?? (I'm only reading teletex here)

Knittypants said...

Fairies dancing on your lawn, that's wonderful :) I want them to come dance on mine.

dreamcatcher said...

Ooer fairy mushrooms! Alliums are gorgeous, we had some once but lost them sadly, probably to damp. Forgot to say on my previous comment, good news about the thumb in that they haven't found anything icky - hope you can resume knitting soon.

Nina said...

Nice story with your pics. We have some fairy homes in our yard too--just as you said, they just showed up! Then the fairies must've invited friends, cos they puffed out to be larger than a golf ball, yipes.

Promise you'll show photos when everything blooms? That bee photo is amazing. We'll have to see if we can see those in person.

Don't know who Charlie is, but I know who Paul Potts is. :)